A Message to MX Racers & Parents of Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and other surrounding areas.

During 2016 the District 13 Board of Directors and the MX Committee have discussed the rider base and ways to increase attendance thru-out the region. We have had meetings, phone conference’s and email exchanges creating innovative ideas to make our race program more that just races but “Special Events”

We’ve listened to suggestions from riders and parents and some of the concerns are covered here:

We are reducing the total weekends of MX racing to 19 with 4 of those offering 2 chances to pick up points & ATV’s 14 races. We have worked with D-29 on scheduling and reduced the number of conflicting race dates to 4 or less.

During 2000 thru 2009 the quantity of riders allowed classes to be added but now we don’t have enough in some classes to continue offering the number of classes we have.  We are reducing the number of classes in hopes of boosting our “Competitive Reputation” as well as lower the number of moto’s to extend your ride time through-out each event.

We have reduced the minimum number of races required to compete for class championships and are offering throw away races in case you have a bad day or have graduations or family vacation or other important events you need to attend.

We changed the Open/450 A class to a new format. The new class is “Open All-Star A/B” and will allow upcoming B riders an opportunity to start with & race with A Class riders. To keep those B riders safely in the B class we will offer Gift Cards to those B riders who finish in a paying position.

All Promoters are making an effort to offer a variety of awards instead of the plaques you have become used to. We are also going to do more in offering more fun things at more races.

No District 13 Points Races are scheduled with Loretta Lynn Qualifiers.

While we can’t do much about fees due to increases in everything tracks buy, as well our labor cost, we are going to give you good tracks that are as safe and competitive as we can make them. Each track has its own problems & cost and we will do our best to keep those in line and give you a great experience each time you attend a race within D-13.

Please continue to give us your positive feed back and we will continue to make changes to better your racing experience with us, as motocross takes off in an exciting new direction.

Please remember to support you local dealers, vendors, sponsors and tracks, these are the people who support the sport.

Together we can grow the district and continue the great tradition that is
AMA District 13!


51cc 4-6 Limited (0-51cc)
51cc 7-8 Limited (0-51cc)
51cc 4-8   Air Cooled Only (0-51cc)
65cc 7-9 (59-65cc)
65cc 7-11 (59-65cc) 
Mini Open 9-13  (59cc-85cc)
Max 16” rear & Max 17” front
85cc 9-11 (79-85cc)
85cc 12-15  (79-85cc 2 stroke – 150cc 4 stroke)
Super Mini 12-16 (79 to 112cc 2 stroke – 150cc 4 stroke 
Schoolboy 1 12-16 (86-125cc 2 stroke & 150cc 4 stroke)
(Min. wheel 19” front & 16” rear)
Schoolboy 2 12-17 (122-250cc) MUST BE 14 TO RIDE 250cc
Girls 8-15 (59-85cc 2 stroke & 76-150 4 stroke
(Must be 9 yrs old to ride 85cc – 12 to ride 150cc)
Unlimited Amateur B/C/D (122cc - Open)
2 Stroke – 12+ (91-250cc)
Women – 12+ (91-250cc) Must be 14 to ride 250cc
250 A - 14+ (122cc - 250cc)
250 B – 14+ (122cc - 250cc)
250 C  - 14+ (122cc - 250cc)

($ TO A & Gift Card to B)
Open B (122cc – Open)
Open C (122cc - Open)
College 14-24 (122cc to Open)
Amateur B/C (122cc - Open) (Ages 25 & up)
25+ (122cc - Open)
35+ (122cc - Open)
40+ (122cc - Open)
50+ (122cc - Open)
ALL “D” CLASSES & 51cc OPEN ARE Promoter Options No D-13 Points

50cc PRODUCTION  4-8 (0-50cc)
70cc OPEN 6-11 (0-70cc)
90cc PRODUCTION 8-15 (71-90cc 2 stroke 75-125 4 stroke)
90cc MODIFIED 8-15 (71-90cc 2 stroke & 75-125 4 stroke)
Schoolboy 13-16 Mod Air Cooled (91-200cc 2 stk & 91 to 300cc 4 stk)
Schoolboy 13-16 Mod Water Cooled (91-200cc 2 stk & 91 to 300cc 4 stk)
Super Mini 12-15 (71-105cc 2 stroke & 75-150cc 4 stroke)
OPEN A (201cc To Open cc)
OPEN B (201cc To Open cc)
OPEN C (201cc To Open cc)
VET 25+ (201cc To Open cc)
SENIOR 40+ (201cc To Open cc)
WOMEN 13 & UP  (201cc To Open cc)


It is a Promoter Option to run or not to offer “D” classes. “D” is a Beginner Class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It is not a place to plan on winning a championship.  If you are not a beginner you should not sign up for these classes.

“D” classes are not eligible for year end District 13 awards.

Promoters must follow these rules in all “D” classes.
3 - 1st Place Finishes or 4 - 2nd Place Finishes or a combination of 4 -1st & 2nd Place Finishes will move you up in class. For Amateur Riders that means going into “C” Class.
For Amateur classes the above rule applies when there are 10 or more riders in a class.

For Youth 7-11 65cc “D” and 9-16 85cc/112c 2stk/150cc 4 stk “D” that means you move into the appropriate age classes. The above applies when there are 5 or more riders in a class. (By AMA Rules No Rider is allowed to ride a 150cc before the age of 12.)

“D” riders may race in an Amateur “C” class or if on a mini bike in an age class but if they finish in the top 30% of the class of  10 or more riders they advance immediately.

No Points transfer when you move up a class.